Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When in Doubt, Mention Dangerous Snails

Our pal Monkey Boy is very interested in scary things right now, especially dangerous animals. He's created his own book of the world's most dangerous animals, complete with names and drawings. He is a fantastic encyclopedia of dangerous animal facts. At dinner the other night, Ada and Monkey Boy were talking about  another of MB's favorite topics, Scooby Doo. Ada was interested in watching some episodes but MB thought they might be too scary for her.

Ada: I'm not afraid of anything!

MB: What about bad guys?

A: Only if they hurt me.

MB: Are you scared of bombs?

A: Only if they hit me.

MB: Are you scared of the gruncher? (launches into a description of its smoky, fiery fearsomeness)

A: The gruncher is NOT real!

MB, undeterred: Are you scared of 200 bombs and they are circling you?

A: And it exploded next to me?

MB: Yeah.

A: I said I'm not scared of anything!

MB, without missing a beat: There's a snail called the marbled cone snail and it is one of the most dangerous animals! Are you afraid of a marbled cone snail?

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