Thursday, November 04, 2004

Apparently this is "four weeks"

I think it is weird that pregnancy is counted from the first day of one's last period. I guess it makes sense for most women, since they may not know what day the pregnancy started. In my case I know EXACTLY when I ovulated and implantation occurred, given the way it happened.

Yes, this means I am pregnant! After over two years of trying, after two years of stressful failures, uncomfortable tests, expensive procedures and emotion-wrenching drugs - it worked!

So, I'm here at week four. I took two blood tests this week - the first indicated an hCG level consistent with pregnancy, the second was confirming and showed an increase appropriate to two days later. After the first test I was a bit teary - and so glad that Jill (my favorite medical assistant at the clinic) gave me the news. I still didn't let go emotionally, but after the second test results I felt more comfortable about this, that it might actually be true.

In a couple of weeks I will get an OB scan that may show a heartbeat. Wow.