Although this is by no means an "infertility blog," I have written a fair amount about my efforts to become pregnant.

After going through a lot of effort to get pregnant on our own, my husband and I visited doctors, took tests and finally figured out why we weren't getting pregnant. We had in vitro fertilization (IVF) in late 2004, and got pregnant with our daughter Ada. She was born in 2005. In 2007 we started trying again. We tried and tried (1 frozen cycle, three fresh) and in late 2008 I got pregnant with twins. Ian and Mira were born in 2009. In 2010 I had a change of heart about the idea of insurance coverage for IVF

If you are struggling with infertility, you might want to check out the parts of my archives tagged "fertility." Or you can email me. I am always happy to offer support, as one who has gone through this and knows how hard it can be.

My experience as seen through this blog:

Trying to have a baby, IUI: I took hormones and "super-ovulated".

Trying to have a baby, first IVF: We learned why we weren't getting pregnant. I wrote about taking birth control, having hormone injections, and having the egg retrieval. Amazingly, it worked!

Trying for a second child, frozen cycle: Prep for a frozen cycle means pills not shots. Having the unfrozen embryos implanted. Dealing with loss. On balance, my life is pretty good.

Trying for a second child, fresh cycle #1:  We decided to try a fresh cycle. Visa wonders if I really wanted to charge that much for meds. Each time I do this the challenges are different. I went through a REALLY long stimulation cycle. Waiting is hell. It didn't work but I want to keep trying.

IVF fresh cycle #2:  I went in for the egg retrieval. I spent a bunch of time at a wedding trying to decide whether to have 2 or 3 embryos put back. I dealt with the failed cycle. I cried a lot.

IVF fresh cycle #3: The scheduling is kind of a pain. I had $4,500 worth of medications shipped next-day air. The drugs are a real emotional roller coaster. It looked like the cycle might be canceled. After all that, there were 9 eggs. I had three embryos put back. Waiting really sucks. It actually worked! It's twins!

Other thoughts on infertility and the struggle to have children:
We declared a fertility holiday before trying IVF. 
Dealing with a friend's pregnancy while going through fertility treatment. 
Remembering the process two years after the fact. 
Schools of thought: do you tell people you are trying to conceive?
Talking to the fertility docs before starting the process (again).
Thinking of a friend who went through this too.  
The process sucks emotionally.

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