Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Pirates Can't Swim

I got to have lunch with Ian in his class. He was holding his hands up around his eye to look at something across the room. I asked him about it and he put his hand over his eye and asked: What does this look like?

Me: A pirate!

Ian look pleased. 

He asked: What do pirates eat? 

I thought for a moment, then answered: Arrr-tichokes!

He shook his head no. 

Me: Let's see, pirates live on boats, so maybe they eat a lot of fish. 

Looking at the seaweed on his plate I added: And seaweed, I bet they like seaweed. 

Ian: How do they get the seaweed? 

Me: Well, they could pull it out of the ocean, or go out on the beach and get it there. 

Ian: But Pirates don't know how to swim. 

Me: Oh, they don't? Well, they need some swim lessons then, don't you think? 

Ian nodded. 

Me: Can you imagine a pirate in your swim lessons? It would be you, those two girls from your swim class, and a pirate!

Again Ian looked pleased. 

Me: Do you think the pirate would be scared to go in the water? 

Ian: No, because it is surrounded by walls. 

Me: Oh, so he could just go over to the edge of the pool? 

Ian: Yes. 

Me: Would you teach the pirate how to blow bubbles? 

Ian: Yes!