Monday, March 28, 2011

Naming Names

Because I can't have my one post in weeks be about vomit, here is one of my favorite books:

Names, by Ada (cover)
Names, By Ada

Abi Abi Abi (p1)
Abi Abi Abi
is nice
I love her

Maya Maya (p2)
Maya Maya
is nice
I know her

Isabel Isabel (p3)
Isabel Isabel
I love her

Wednesday Wednesday (p4)
Wednesday Wednesday
I love her

Crea Crea (p5)
Crea Crea
I like you

The (end)

This book is especially wonderful as it documents a fleeting moment in Ada's development. Throughout the year Ada's class has been learning to write books. They started with the idea that every book has a title and the author's name on the cover. They have talked about various elements of writing a book, and recently Ada reported that a book should have characters, a setting, a problem and a resolution. This book predated this set of ideas, but her newer books tend to have a clear problem and resolution. As exciting as it is to see her growth, I love the simplicity and honesty of the Names book

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Practical Parenting

So if, for sake of argument, one of your kids vomited repeatedly on the couch, how would you get the smell to go away? Sparing you the ugly details, let's just say the residual odor has a spoiled milk vomit-y smell.

We used carpet cleaner on it. Should I move on to less earth-friendly cleaner, risk washing the cover in the machine (from past experience it doesn't come back out the way it went in), or rent a steam cleaner?

Or maybe I should convince Chris that it is time to buy a new couch...

Your advice is welcomed!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Me, Me and Me

 February 8, 7am

February 19, 7am

Seeing my mom's face steadily emerge

Yup, still obsessed with instagram, why do you ask?