Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Projects I Want To Do, Projects I Have Been Doing

Now that Ada is so fun to be around most of the time (WOW is 5 better than 4) we have been doing a lot of projects. You can pretty much get Ada to try anything if you call it a "project." (As in, "Hey, I have this project I want to try. Do you want to help?" She is crazy for projects.)

We engage in these projects during Ian and Mira's nap times. As the babies are mobile but not terribly easily controlled, it is easiest to get out the paint or glue while they are asleep.

This week we enjoyed corn syrup painting

corn syrup painting

The painting was fun for both of us, but it predictably led to Ada making potions by mixing all the paint colors and returning the mix to the corn syrup bottle. Good thing corn syrup paint flows REALLY SLOWLY.

A couple of weeks ago we made a paper contraption. Well, I made one while Ada used her paper triangles to build imaginary miniature tents and other constructions. Which was just as entertaining.

But. There is so much more I want to do. Where the hell are my crafty friends Ann and Mike when I need them?

I want to use this idea to fix up my nightstand, making it a wallpaper-embellished nightstand.

I also love this simple (and in retrospect, obvious) idea for using fabric markers to personalize napkins or other cloth items. I think Maggie may have done something like this last year.

I also need a laptop sleeve (if I am going to bring a computer to Blogher, I really should get on this). Then again, with my new phone (I gave and replaced my decrepit mobile with an iphone) I could avoid bringing the laptop entirely.

Oh, and I think I want to make this on the next cool day. Maybe in the fall? Maybe I could just make regular s'mores on the grill. 


  1. busy, busy, busy. I wish I had time for all the crafts I would like to do. But I have at least learned not to buy the stuff unless I am actually doing it today, otherwise it goes on a to-do list and the stuff just lies around and eventually I give it away because I don't get to it and it makes me feel guilty.

    I hope you get to everything AND that you enjoy it with your whole heart.

  2. So fun! And boy, I haven't even hit 4 yet and I can't wait for it to be done. Glad to hear 5 is better!

    I'm having the same issues for Blogher. I want to make a laptop sleeve but often wonder if my iPhone is enough. I don't think it is though, I'm going to want to download my photos as we go I'm thinking...

  3. I am in project limbo right now, because I had to clean my craft room for visitors. I'm terrified of making a new mess.

    I am powerless in the face of an absorbing task. I just can't stop to tidy up.

  4. Yes, I did napkins with fabric paint stenciled initials and doodles with fabric markers. And I stenciled her name on some towels for camp. It's fun to do, and way more visible than name tags.

  5. Get that girl a funnel!

    I am taking the week of 7/26 off from work, and would happily have a Crafternoon with you, if you're free.
    (Craft morning is good too, but doesn't make as good a portmanteau.)

  6. If you want to make oven baked s'mores, you should make this!

    So good!

    I have a million projects too. Last night I made pickles and golden raspberry jam. Too many things, nowhere near enough time!

  7. I love projects and so does the girl. The hard part is just thinking of them. I like the corn starch painting.

  8. I'd like to be a bit craftier with my two, but we just don't have a good space for it. And I'll admit, that I'm a bit nervous about the potential messes. Still, they always do an art project at their EI playgroup, and love to bring it home to display in our kitchen. It's time to make time for projects at home. Probably past time, if you ask them.

  9. Tell me ALL ABOUT how 5 is better than 4. I could use some light at the end of the no-listening, no-inside-voice, i-wannit-the-way-i-wannit-NOW tunnel...