Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pros and Cons

On being a 13 month old twin:

Pro: It isn't always you getting the diaper change.

Con: Parents who think "as long as I am changing one..."

* ** * ** *

M & I at 4th of July

Con: Divided parental attention.

Pro: Divided parental attention.

* ** * ** *

Con: Watching her drink her milk when I have finished mine.

Pro: Ability to grab the bottle from her and chug the milk before a parent notices.

* ** * ** *
Mira in foreground

Con: Mom says she loves her more on days I refuse to nap.

Pro: I got out of napping. Sucker!

* ** * ** * 
Con: Nothing is just yours.

Pro: Nothing isn't yours!

* ** * ** * 

C & I

Con: The food on his tray looks better than mine.

Pro: Wait, I can reach his tray!

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