Friday, June 12, 2009

Not What Laundering Money Usually Means

Chris, after unsuccessfully looking upstairs and down for his wallet: I still can't find my wallet.

Me: Last time I saw it, it was here (on the mantle). Is it possible that you left it in your pants and I washed it?

Chris: . . .

(returns from upstairs with his wallet, looking a little perturbed)

Chris: Where were the jeans?

Me: They were on the floor with other dirty clothes. I can't be expected to know what is a pile of dirty laundry and what is just jeans you stepped out of at the end of the day. 

Chris: I just never expect anyone to wash my clothes.

(At least he didn't bring up his sweater favorite I shrunk a couple of years ago.)


  1. We have a rule -- if you leave it in your pockets, and it gets washed, it's your own fault. If it's kleenex or paper napkin and it gets all over everything, you have to clean it up.

    Because, that one time I washed John's cell phone, and the wallet that his grandfather used (it didn't survive the laundering), I felt bad, but didn't feel guilty.

    Also, didn't the felted sweater fit you? Bonus!

  2. Do you normally each do your own laundry?

  3. Yes, Chris and I usually do our own. I look forward to when the kids can do their own too.

  4. you have time and energy to do laundry? I'm impressed. little p's 3 months and I still make dad do most of the housework.

  5. We share laundry but it's definitely a survival of the fittest sort of thing. If it can't survive a 40 degree general wash in our house, it's not long for this world. Though the occasion that dudelet added eighteen dishwasher tablets to the wash without our noticing stretched that rule a little.