Monday, June 15, 2009

You want a piece of me?

A a month or two ago I sent an email to some of the bloggers I've met over the years, asking if they were planning on going to Blogher, and if so if they would help me with a little project.

As I mentioned when the location for Blogher '09 was chosen, I was disappointed that the event would not be in Portland because I could actually see going if I could use my house as base for the twins and all their stuff. Plus, I love Portland and was excited for other women bloggers to love it too. But ok, Blogher will be in Chicago again. As much as I'd like to go, I decided that attending a conference with twin newborns was probably a bad very idea.

Quick digression/background: Last year, while Gwen and I were standing around cursing critiquing people's shoes and muttering about having missed the free alcohol, she found a photo glued to a stick. We asked around, but never found out who was shown smiling on the picture. We dubbed the unknown woman "Gwen's favorite blogger" and carried her around Blogher, taking pictures and using the head on a stick as a prop when chatting with strangers.

Gwen and her favorite blogger
Gwen and her favorite blogger on the way to dinner
(not pictured, Debbie barely tolerating our adolescent giggles)

This was for me a great entertainment. I love theme photos. I am the girl who takes a cowboy hat to a party in order to force people to take pictures with it. When Chris and I moved from Chicago to Rhode Island, my friends gave me a home-made Mrs. Potato Head, which I carried with us on the road trip and photographed checking the map, getting her hair done at a salon, and meeting the locals in our new city. (I had plans to dig up these photos and include them in this post, but then I had the babies and all extra time and energy was sucked into a breastfeeding vortex. I will find the photos in a few more years.)

So, in March I emailed a bunch of people to gauge their willingness to take me along, or rather to take a picture of me along, on their trips to Blogher. I didn't ask that they refer to me as their favorite blogger. All I asked is that if they agreed to have me send them my picture on a stick, that they take it with them to Blogher and take pictures of themselves and stick-head me during the conference, around Chicago, or wherever else it seemed like a good idea.

I quickly drafted an email, hit "send" and then got worried.  What if no one agreed to participate? What if no one even responded? What if they hit "delete" before even reading the message? Luckily, just an hour after I wrote the email I found three responses in my inbox. Three amazing, hilarious, creative bloggers had agreed to take me with them to Chicago. A few hours later the lovely Mayberry Mom emailed to say she was in too. I was sad not to meet her last year (her trip was derailed by her daughter's illness) but at least my face will be near hers this year! Then Melissa and Sarah wrote to say they would do it too. Gwen said she'd take me if she decided to make the long drive from the western suburbs to downtown Chicago.

I emailed this group of women for a variety of reasons: some I know in person, others I meet and liked at Blogher '08, while still others have blogs I have enjoyed reading and I took a little leap. Also, I had their emails on file. (I may be adventurous about asking for goofy favors, but I am still lazy.) So, if I didn't email you, it isn't because I don't want your help. I do want your help - if you are going to Blogher and want to bring my head on a stick, comment or email me and I will send you a head on a stick. My plan is to print out photos this week and then wander over to the post office once I have addresses.

I'd love to travel with you if you are going. My head on a stick makes an ideal roommate. It won't snore, won't steal your drink and you can imagine it saying all kinds of complimentary things about your outfits. (I'm nice that way.)

I am excited to see the pictures people take.

If you think you want to participate, let me know. I would really appreciate it. I am anticipating some long months close to home, and it would mean a lot to me to see my photographic likeness making it out and about.

Christy, I noticed your blog says you are going. No pressure.

And, apropos of nothing:
7 Days Old
Mira, Ian



    (I had a dream last night I was pregnant with a another set of twins)

  2. Email me and I'll send you my address. You're so going with me on a stick wherever I go. That is SO up my alley.

    And your twins are just absolutely gorgeous. Love that photo!

  3. I remember seeing this picture of Gwen on her blog after last year's conference, but I never put the two of you together. She's one of my favorite bloggers, for we have much in common in regards to religion, faith, and whatnot.

    I hope your head has a good time . . .

  4. Those are some sweet little munchkins. I may have to come over soon to nibble them.

  5. Nora! I made it to the top of the BlogHer waiting list and I AM GOING! So. It would be a true honour to carry your head around on a stick.
    And those babies are delicious.

  6. Smooch smooch smooch. If I were going to BlogHer, I would totally carry around your head on a stick.

  7. Oh those are divine little babies. And she looks completely serene.

    And, I am waiting for your head on a stick.

  8. I can't wait for my Nora-on-a-stick! Emailing you my address now.

  9. If wishes were horses, man.

    I would happily take your head anywhere it wanted to go. If it ever wants a virtual vacation in Metro Vancouver's finest suburb, let me know.

    Those babies are beautiful. Always so beautiful when they're sleeping..

  10. The Bloggess AND BMC? Wow! Some of my blog heroes!
    If it's any small consolation, I think you are far more active and seeing the outside of your house more than I could pull off with only one baby. You're impressing me!