Monday, May 04, 2009

Yes, But...

Glipses at my ongoing efforts to gain some better perspective on things

Scene 1: Forgotten Hospital Tour

Me: CRAP! Crap crap crap! We forgot to go to the hospital tour last night.
Me, rationally: It's okay, we can reschedule. Look, we're rescheduled.
Me: Yes, but for two weeks from now. What if I have gone into labor by then?
MR: What's the worst that happens? We haven't seen the maternity wing ahead of time? So what? You have a general idea what it is going to look like from the other hospital.
Me: Yes, but what if we go in the wrong door?
MR: I am pretty sure the hospital staff deals with that fairly well. They'll help us get where we need to go.
Me: Yes, but I need to see the operating room ahead of time. What if we get there and it freaks me out?
MR: How likely is that, really? Remember last time, when you were fully dilated and trying not to push as we drove to the hospital? Do you remember making jokes on the drive?
Me: Yes, but this is different!
MR: Different how?
Me: I might need a cesarean!
MR: Let's not assume you will. Let's prepare for it but also let things go how they will.
Me: Yes, but...but I hate it when I forget things. Things I have written on my calendar and everything.
MR: I know you do. I'll help you remember to check your calendar more, ok?

(Now that I am in the "safe zone" of 34 weeks, I figure I could go into labor any time. If labor doesn't start before Tuesday night, I will waddle through the tour this week. Of course, if it starts while I am on the tour I am sure I will be complaining that I forgot to bring my hospital bag along.)


  1. I went on two hospital tours (one for the place I would need to have the babies before 36 weeks, one after 36 weeks) and they wouldn't let us see an OR at either place. And we couldn't see real NICU but we were allowed to "Special Care Nursery" for after 36 weeks. If that makes you feel any better...

  2. I think I would also feel this way about missing a hospital tour, even though you are right, it's not going to make any significant difference.

    Here's hoping you can tour and come home still pregnant, at least for a little bit.

  3. Why not put the hospital bag in the car, like, right NOW?

  4. Or put the bag in the car for the tour just so that you'll be sure you won't actually need it ;) I know how you feel though - I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and am terribly on edge as to when these two little ones will be making their appearance. Good luck with everything!

  5. I'm a fan of freaking out. That way, nothing that actually happens can be any worse than what you imagined. I'm helpful.

  6. Congratulations on the 34 weekendness of it all. Enjoy the bag packed phase. This is a pretty BIG accomplishment. As you hips, back, knees and feet are well aware.