Friday, May 01, 2009

What Happens When I Listen To Sarah

The other day Sarah wrote about being tired of saying "no" to her children all the time, and working on saying "yes" more. It was with that on my mind that Ada and I took a trip to a local stationary and random stuff store so that I could buy some thank you cards. Within 30 seconds of entering, Ada declared it a "boring store" but gamely played along while I picked out some cards and took them to the counter.

Turns out the counter is right by a rack of containers filled with all manner of plastic crap small, inexpensive toys of the type Ada adores. As she swooned over this and that bit of plastic, I told her that she could pick out one to take home. Ever the clever negotiator, Ada responded with "how about these two?" pointing to a pig and a ninja. "Sure." Everyone went home happy - I had my cards and Ada had 70 cents worth of joy.

New Treasures
04/22/09 Ninja Jumps the Pig


  1. I too, get tired of saying "no" to my toddler roughly a gazillion times a day. Sometimes I give in only because I can't stand listening to myself utter another "no".

  2. Ooh, ninja to the swine flu rescue???

  3. Sometimes it's good to get what you want, and I feel, gives kids hope that the world is fair, and dreams can come true, even if just in small plastic crap form.

    Thank you for your comment last month -- so fun to see your blog too. I plan to try to come visit yoga this week. Maybe see you there?

  4. Hmmm ... that looks perverted.


  5. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  6. See? You should never listen to Sarah. It turns ninjas to bestiality.

  7. But you have to say yes to both because how do you choose between those two! They belong together!

    Ninja and pig / pig and ninja / saving the world / neither one's a whinger

  8. HOw do we ignore Sarah? Impossible.

  9. This is very strange, because earlier this year I diagnosed myself with Ninja flu and just yesterday I was convinced that I was suffering from Swine Flu. Then, today, I discovered your blog.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    *Oh, and I adore the name Ada. It was my Great-Grandmother's name.