Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Quaker Maid My Day

Week 34 Pictures present: more forgotten hats from the archives:

This week's hat (made exclusively by Quaker Maid) is a red and white cap with some fun detailing. As a small hat meant to perch on the top of the head, it is a little hard to show off while simultaneously capturing the wonder that is my belly.

Take 34 - take 4
Getting my belly lined up within the frame is getting harder

Oh, and speaking of the wonder that is my belly, behold:

Week 34 - take 3
Thanks again Rachel, for the pants-by-mail!

Hat, front detailfront and back details show
I love the detailing on this hat, though I can't quite figure out what kind of Quaker would have made it. Certainly not this guy.


  1. The hat is great, and the belly is astonishing.

  2. it is wondrous! i hope you're feeling well and that we can get together soon. this weekend by chance?

  3. we will need to see the quaker hat again next to the babies ... for scale.

    I'm with magpie - astonishing.

    Is that bag in the car yet?