Thursday, April 02, 2009

Random quote and unrelated photo of the week

This is not a work space

Reynolds loves obscure genre labels. He has coined at least one ("postrock") and in this book he embraces countless others with a straight face, among them "funk punk," "punk funk," "folk punk," anarcho-punk," "Hi-NRG," "psychobilly," "angst rock," "death disco," "mutant disco," "Teutonica," "Goth," "proto-Goth," "post-Goth," "Oi!" "New Romanticism," "New Rock," "New Americana," "New Pop," "electropop," "synthpop," "synthpop noir," "synthfunk," "avant-funk," and, deep breath, "neopostpunk." Will there be a quiz?

-Jim Windole
reviewing Rip It Up And Start Again by Simon Reynolds


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