Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pregnant With Hats (Week 29)

As promised, more pictures of me, pregnant and wearing a hat.

This week's hat was my grandmother's. It strikes me as a classically "easter" hat, which is weird since my family isn't Christian. So then maybe I don't really know what an easter bonnet should look like.

Week 29 - take 2
29 weeks, with hat

In any case, this is the hat that I once wore to pick my sister up from the airport. The hat is so imposing that Karen walked right past me without recognizing me. Just to be clear, this is not the kind of thing she does normally. Until that day we had a 100% mutual recognition rate.

I realize that the angle of the picture does not show off the hat to its fullest. To rectify that, I took this:

The hat, on its stand, on the couch
The hat, on a stand, on the couch

One other note, about the stand: I have half a dozen of these vintage bent-metal stands. Most of them are in less than pristine shape, but I still love them. Even better, a dance teacher gave them to me for nothing. Chris and I got into swing dance when we lived in Chicago, and the studio was a big converted warehouse space. The owner had gotten a bunch of hat stands from a shop that was closing and clearing out all its stuff. I complimented the teacher on the hat stands she had on display in the studio, wishing aloud that I had something on which to display my collection. The teacher pulled out a huge trash bag filled with a jumble of stands and told me to grab some.

Hmm, that was unexpected. Just thinking about the stands and that dance studio made me really miss Chicago and the days when Chris and I braved the midwestern winters to do things like go out dancing. These days we mostly dance in our kitchen, trying out a quick lindy in between stirring sauce or browning meat. Even that is fun, however. I'm already looking forward to the day when we can pick that back up, to the accompaniment of 2 infants and a toddler yelling for our attention.


  1. Impressive hat!

    And your shirt is so pretty (also, that belly makes your ass look awesome.)

    Perhaps it's time to start teaching Ada to dance?

  2. Oh I love to dance in the kitchen too. I need to do that more often. That hat is really sweet - and what a nice dance teacher you had!

  3. That's one big frilly hat.

    If my daughter saw it, she would grab it and run away.

  4. Hee hee! Love the hat! It is very impressive. It definitely draws attention away from your belly. I only hope that some day we can meet in person. :+)

    Speaking of bellies, mine is definitely getting in the way these days and now it is almost impossible to turn over in bed let alone actually get out of bed! The next 6 - 8 weeks are going to be tough.

  5. You look fabulous.

    And I miss Chicago, too.

  6. I tried to start a sonnet but ran out of patience. Great hat.

  7. That is some hat! And some belly! ;-)

  8. I also say easter bonnet. (My family is Christian but not the bonnet sort.)

    You look absolutely smashing.

  9. Big Nora is starting to have more complex meaning at our house.

  10. Awesome hat. I may need to mail some hats to you...

    And I'm looking forward to next week's installment.