Monday, April 06, 2009


Ada, while drawing and watching basketball with Chris: "I know you don't like the ads. Why you don't like the ads? I like the ads."

and later: "I know, you can watch the game and I'll watch the ads."

* ** *
Ada's recent most-asked question is "Who are you?" She asks this at least a half-dozen times a day. Sometimes I just answer simply: "I'm mama." Other times I offer more: "I am a mama, a wife, a reader, a writer..." 
While any answer I give seems to satisfy Ada in the moment, nothing seems to quench her desire to ask again.

* ** *

While not a question, certainly inquisitive:

Driving home from picking up veggies from our CSA, Ada piped up from the back seat.

"I want to count all the books."

"All your books, or all the books in our house?"

"All the books in our whole house."


  1. She sounds just adorable. I can't wait till my daughter can talk!

  2. So this is for Ada...."So I married my dream girl,married my dream girl, but I didn't know that her credit was bad, so instead of living own place were living in the basement of her mom and dads........Free Credit Report....
    Or something like that!

    But the Blazers still lost!!!!!

  3. I'm not sure if your daughter would actually do that but mine would. once she decides something, God help anyone who tries to talk her out of it.