Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stick It To 'Ya

Been in the car for too long?

sticker face4

Try some stickers

sticker face3

On your face

sticker face2


  1. My daughter does the same thing. Stickers are for clothes and skin, apparently, not paper. And not just hers! Several times I've gone out in public unaware that princess and kitten stickers are stuck to my shirt.

  2. She is like the perfect blend of you and Chris. Amazing!

    I've heard you can also amuse children on long drives with this thing called a DVD player? I don't know much about it, but I've been told it's magik.

    (How's the headache?)

  3. Hee. It's the "sticker phase." Careful leaving sheets of stickers laying around the house, they might end up glued to your appliances.

  4. we've done this...not really all that original. ;)

  5. So, Ada's coming over for a few hours on Wednesday. Should I pick up a thousand or so stickers for her to play with? :)

  6. And eventually they end up on the windows. Time to get out the putty knife!

  7. No way, tysdaddy - I am holding the line against stickers on the window. Our car is gross enough without that!

  8. That's what I loved about carpooling with Nora. When the commute would get particularly ugly, out came the stickers! :)