Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An hour after, a week before

I took my first lupron an hour ago. Already I have a little headache behind my nose. Not too strong, but charming none the less.

More charming is the conversation I had with Ada today. I told her that in about a week we are going to Canada to visit some friends. I told her about the daughter and son, about the mama and papa.

Ada: are we going now?

Me: in a few days.

Ada: after nap?

Me: more like in a week.

Ada: I want to see my friends now!

Mo and family, Ada is already excited for the visit. Now we just have to work on what "more than a week" means.


  1. Sounds too much like my daughter. She barely understands what tomorrow means...

    Just like me.

  2. When my kids were really little, we doled out time in segments roughly the length of Powerpuff Girls episodes . . .

    "How much longer to grandma's house?!"

    "About two-and-a-half episodes . . . "

    For a week, this might not work . . .

  3. Mine has trouble with time too. "Are we going the next day?"

    Good luck with the lupron. I never used it, but I've heard all about the headaches.

  4. how about counting "bedtime sleeps"?

  5. We had to break things down by bedtimes. "4 more bedtimes then Grandma comes to visit."

  6. Yea, good luck with that (teaching time to an impatient little girl). I have yet to instill the concept of "just a minute", much less "just a week."

    Good luck with the lupron too.

  7. It is pretty much all the same here. Is Ada coming today? Tomorrow?


    Good luck with the paperwork. And, I am pretty glad it looks like everything is getting itself rained out before Saturday!

    mo-wo having an argument with blogger at the moment about my identity.