Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The talent, oh how it burns my eyes!

And now for the scoop on two real life friends I'd like you to meet, because they are creative and awesome and I'm trying to get over being jealous of their talent:

The first you probably already know, since she is a big bloggy star and all. But months ago (MONTHS!) Debbie gave my daughter a cool pirate balloon shirt. I struggled mightily to photograph Ada in this shirt, and despite her best efforts to evade me, I got a couple. So behold, the coolness that is fadiddle, on a real child to boot!

Check her out. The genius behind fadiddle makes some mean designs. I saw a melee break out over some adult-sized shirts she mocked up for practice. Really, I didn't know my friends could bite and scratch with such abandon.

And on to new blogger Stephanie who has also given Ada a wonderful gift - a hat of her own design. (Stephanie's design, not Ada's.) Dr. Stephanie has also given me a number of cool things, like delicious heaven-and-hell cake and those little stickers you use to reinforce hole-punched holes. Not only did she give Ada the hat, but she just had the pattern accepted for publication in some crafty-knitty magazine. In addition to being the proud owner of a willie warmer, she almost knit a thong made of licorice but then (foolishly) thought better of it when she realized that it would be displayed in front of a room full of strangers. Pity.

Come to think of it, I'm kind of bummed she has a blog. Now she's going to keep things like the willie warmer for her own blog, instead of passing on gems like photos of Briny the Clown's car, she'll be holding them back for use on her own blog. Crap and double crap.

Nonetheless, if you are a knitty type you should check her out and give her some love. Her sleeves are too short, but her heart is in the right place.


  1. Oh how I love seeing children clad in fadiddle. Really everyone should be dressed so well.

  2. Get out! get out! get out! The "Willie Warmer" and "licorice thong" do exist? I love your friend Stephanie even more!

  3. so excited you linked to the fabu Stephanie! huzzah!

    p.s. SNOW! double-huzzah!

    (I'm the biggest nerd in the city, okay? and I'm damn proud.)

  4. love the pirate balloon.

  5. Amen sister. Fadiddle clothes rock. (Almost as much as Debbie.)