Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stephanie's Super Chapeau

The excellent and talented Stephanie (thank you Chris, for luring this woman up to Portland to work with you) recently designed some very cool hats. She made one for Ada and asked if I would be ok with Ada appearing in a photo or two wearing the hat. Of course! I happily agreed to Ada's likeness appearing on a knitting site. Stephanie recruited a couple of other kids and (after a trip to the taqueria to fortify ourselves with meat) we all converged on the lawn near Stephanie's office for a little sunny-day photo shoot. While Stephanie took pictures that actually did a good job of showing the HATS, I took a couple that highlighted the kids. Here are a few that may give you a sense of Stephanie's cool design as well as allow you to see that, yes, it is sunny in Portland once in a while.

Yeah, I know that a skirt with no tights, was maybe not the SMARTEST fashion choice I've ever made, given the sitting and photo-taking. What can you do?

I included that last photo because it is just such a darn cute picture of the three year old. Plus, even though you can't see Ada's face, it gives a nice view of the hat.

The reason the six year old (yes, she's six, can you believe it? She looks so much older to me) is holding Ada's hands, is that on the day the pictures were taken, Ada did not want to wear the hat. (A bit embarrassing, when someone has just given her a beautiful hat, but oh well.) In Ada's defense, it was pretty warm out, and I don't think I would have wanted to wear a hat either.

(Stephanie, you'll be glad to know that we went out for a walk this weekend and Ada wore the hat happily for a nice long stretch. She only yanked it off after her father decided it was crooked and tugged on it, thereby bringing it to her attention. )


  1. Awesomest! LOOOOVE the hats! WonderBaby needs one!

    And? There's a photo of my sister, in our family photo archives, sitting like that with no tights. And no underwear.

  2. Hey, you forgot to say how to get the Lovely Stephanie's gorgeous hats? Saturday Market?

  3. Stephanie has a non-hat related day job, but I will ask her if she's interested in selling her creations. I'll post what I find out.

  4. I love the hats and the children are darn adorable! Super models!