Monday, April 17, 2006

Kicking the New Knowledge

Chris and I have been on the run trying to keep up with Ada's new skills. She had a big weekend. To wit:

(1) As of Friday, Ada's heil-wave (she's been throwing her arm in the air but not waving anything) has morphed into a more socially acceptable out-thrust arm that includes opening and shutting her hand in a good facsimile of a wave.

(2) Ada started clapping on Friday. This may not seem like a big accomplishment, but until now she's preferred to hold my fingers while I clapped. Now everything is clap-worthy to Ada, including her ability to clap.

(3) All last week Ada was crawling a little, but only the 2 steps needed to then reach out and snag a toy before sitting back down to chew on the object of interest. Thursday she did a little more, but stopped abruptly when I tried to video tape the event. On Saturday, my mom and I left the house for a while, during which time Ada had an extended crawl that spanned three rooms. She followed her ball from the side room into the dining room and the kitchen. I was sad that I'd missed it, but happy that Chris and my dad were around to see it. Later in the day we laid out a path of cheerios, which she dutifully followed, crawling and eating her way across the room. Chris was on first shift Sunday morning while I slept in a bit. When I got up, Chris told me how exhausted he was. "This is a lot harder now," was how he characterized it. I can already see that just keeping her away from the diaper pail will be a full time job.

We are all fairly amazed that so much stuff is coming together at once. On Sunday morning, my father walked into the room and asked my mom: What else has she learned to do?

My Mom: Well... she stood up and recited the Declaration of Independence.

My Dad: Did you piss yourself?

Such is life at Casa Nonlinear. We are so proud we are soiling ourselves. Thank god for the diaper service.


  1. Rock on, Ada! That's great. I think I told you this already, but the day Henry started crawling I was so proud of him but so overwhelmed at the prospect of managing our complete lack of baby proofing that I cried.

  2. When our girl started crawling was a regular Baba/Grandpa babysitting night. While I did cry at the sight of her crawling, the mushy potent independence of it all...

    Definitely the best part was capturing on video the 10 times my parents making complete goofs of themselves in their celebration of the development!

    Enjoy all.

  3. I love that photo! She has so much personality.

    There is lots of clapping around my house but no crawling. It is more work when they are mobile. Soon you'll be running after Ada!

  4. Yay, Ada! I love the crawling picture.

  5. AHAHAHA! I was scared shitless myself by a recent visit from an honest-to-god toddler of 16 months. That kid was into EVERYTHING. Oh, my God, our house is doomed.

  6. Ada is really adorable and lucky to have someone as talented with a camera and keyboard to document her adorableness.