Friday, April 14, 2006

Lessons Learned Last Week

Lesson One: No more naps before bed.

After a lovely visit with Bridger and his mama on Thursday, Ada was fine for a while at home, but then got all cranky and late day crabby. Chris and I played with her, distracted her and tried to bribe her to crawl*, but eventually Chris resorted to holding Ada and dancing. I'm not sure if it was the Beastie Boys that did it, but within a few minutes Ada was out. She napped on Chris's chest for a while, waking up about 6:15. We fed her dinner, learned not to leave her in her high chair within reach of the dining room table**, got her bathed, booked and boobed. As I was nursing her I knew something was not right. She normally gets all snuggly and sleepy during her pre-bed nursing. Thursday she was fidgety, playing with my shirt, my nose, my mouth. When I put her in her bed her eyes popped open and she mooched all around. She was quiet for a few minutes, but then started to cry and complain. Chris took his turn soothing her, and finally managed to convince her to go to sleep after an extended calming session, including bottle-feeding.

*Lessons Two and Three: While the television remote placed several feet from Ada can act as a sufficient crawl-motivator, once you pull out the video camera to document this amazing new skill, Ada will suddenly forget how to perform said skill and will instead sit on her butt performing her incredibly endearing but somewhat less earth-shattering half-wave.

** Lesson Four: After feeding Ada noodles at dinner, Chris got up to get a washcloth. Ada took the opportunity to reach over to the table and grab the newspaper. Yanking the paper off the table sent the container of noodles and soup plummeting to the floor. I fervently hope that lesson five is not: chicken stock makes your cheap Ikea rug smell terrible.


  1. Awesome. And seriously, we did the remote thing as well. But, we needed a box of milkduds too.

    And didn't you know, video camera is the universal sign for "sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing" in baby.

  2. What is it about remote controls, cameras, and cell phones that are like crack to babies? And somehow, they know the real ones from the toy ones. It just isn't fair.

  3. good lessons. the remote control has not lost it's appeal yet here either. even worse than sitting there and doing nothing now, henry is obsessed with looking through the camera and filming things himself (toys mostly). all we can do is hope to hide the camera and catch him on tape before he sees it.

  4. These are all lessons that can only be learned the hard way. I'm thinking good thoughts for your Ikea rug.

  5. We find that the cordless phone works just as well as the remote. But both video cam and digi cam nullify both of those, as well as smiles.

  6. Mmmm, remote control huh? We may be trying that. Then we could have a crawl-off, B would so whomp ass on Ada. ;)