Monday, January 15, 2007

And all this time I thought she was saying "more"

Two Piece Reclining Figure no. 3
Henry Moore, 1961

Anthony Caro, 1971

L'homme qui marche (Walking Man)
Auguste Rodin, 1905

Oval Form (Trezion)
Barbara Hepworth, 1962-6

Richard Serra, 2006

My sister and I learned to roller skate in this sculpture garden. We rode our bikes here. Some of my favorite family pictures were taken here. Seeing Ada take such delight in the space and the art was fantastic. Even better, she made me look at the place in a new way, as she investigated things I had overlooked and played on and around modern masterpieces that I'd thought of as just background to my childhood memories.


  1. Excellent. I can think of nothing better than an adorable child and art together.

  2. I love these photos!

    My girl's had fun playing inside Richard Serra's Tilted Spheres at the Toronto Airport. I can't believe I forgot my camera that day. Art is truly delightful.

  3. Definitely gives new meaning to "interactive art." What a fun place to rollerskate and visit as a kid.

  4. A friend at church yesterday talking of children and god.. said kids just get it. They get a lot of stuff..

  5. i love it when my daughter shows me a new way of looking at something I thought I was completely familiar. it's humbling - also make me feel pretty dumb/arrogant

  6. Yet another wonderful thing I can add to our list of "haven't-done- that-yets."

  7. Awww...those are awesome pix :)