Saturday, August 26, 2006

Not a Farmer's Market Stalker

(or, A Post In Which I Use Way Too Many Parenthetical Comments)

Hey Portland Blogger Mamas:

Were you at the farmer's market on Saturday? Were you minding your own business when you were approached by someone who looks like this:

Ok, maybe not. Maybe that's a guy paid to stumble around in a bear suit to promote some new kids' movie. (But in my total dorkiness I felt like that.) But were you approached by someone who looks like this:

Slipping gratefully out of the third person... I had Ada on my back and told the woman she looked familiar and asked if I looked familiar to her. Apparently I did not look familiar. (Was that my imagination, or did she give me a bit of a "back away, crazy woman" look?) As I walked away it occurred to me that I might recognize her face from a blog. But which one? I didn't know (and still don't) and was too shy to walk back and ask if maybe that is how I knew her face. Because what if it isn't? (I'd be even more embarrassed, that's what).

So if it was you I accosted, let me know. I'd feel better having solved the "mystery." I have a great memory for faces, though a crappy one for names. So it is likely that once you reveal yourself I'll laugh and say "of course!" and then promptly forget your name the next time I see you at the Market.

By the way - do you know how hard it is to find a half-decent photo of yourself? (Wait, most of you are bloggers, so you probably do.) First, I'm the one toting the camera, so when am I going to be in a picture? Second, when I find a picture that has me in it, it is usually off-kilter or shot at an angle that gives me a double chin, or (like this one) suggesting I have the world's highest hairline. (THAT is typical me, by the way. Take the thing that you most worry people will say and shout it out first so that HA! beat you to it! Now no one else can declare that I have ugly toes or uneven eyes or whatever else.)

After much talking to myself, I settled on the above photo. We won't get into why I think it is a mis-representation, because I am not trolling for complements or support on this. Just complaining about how hard it is to get a decent picture for a simple blog post. (And don't get me started on how wonky blogger is being about allowing me to upload those photos once I've settled on them.)

Updated to add: I think I figured it out. I think she's not a blogger. I think she was in a focus group with me. A few months ago I participated in a focus groups for women who had given birth at Oregon Health and Sciences University within the previous 12 months. It was actually pretty fun, and it paid pretty well. Turns out that all the women in the room who'd used the midwives had very good experiences, even the woman transferred to OHSU from home when her labor got more complicated than her home-birth midwife could manage alone. In any case, that's who I think she is. See, I am really good with remembering faces.


  1. i keep seeing people who i think i know from a blog or people who i definitely recognize from a blog but i feel too weird and stalkerish to say anything. i also totaly get the lack of decent photo problem, oh yes.

  2. you've pulled that trick on me before. i didn't realize you made such a habit of it! you should just wear a t-shirt that says "do i read your blog?"

    at least i recognized you. who would turn such a pretty lady away?

  3. well, I, for one, am relieved that you remembered. it's beyond irritating to recall a face and not be able to come up with where/who/what. so.

    p.s. someday, when I see you at the Farmer's Market, the first thing I'll think is that a) you look familiar and b) you have my favorite hair, ever. heading of the list of things I'll not remember to think about you when/if I run into you about town is that you have the world's highest hairline. b/c you don't. (had to say it, even though you warned us against doing so. sorry. I don't take orders well.)

    p.s. yes. I have about eight pictures of myself with/w/out child in photos since I gave birth. total number of photos of husband with or w/out child since the kid came around: in the hundreds. I wish I were kidding.

  4. i'll be sure to ask bob if he knows her name. you never know -- 2 not-so-good name rememberers might cancel each other out!

    (btw. my supersecret word verification code word is zylzol. perhaps taking two of those will help you remember names better?)

  5. Hah! You remembered! A clear sign that you are sane and rational. I, on the other hand, am pregnant and therefore insane and totally irrational. I approached an innocent dinner-eater at Salvador Molly's the other day because I was CERTAIN She taught my 12th grade Lit class in a small town in TX. Apparently I was wrong. But I couldn't live with myself unless I asked. I'm sure she and everyone at the table thought I was a raving (pregnant) lunatic. Oh well!

    And YAY For happy OHSU midwifery patients! Oh and now I have to go, my husband just brought me a Ruby Jewel treat...

  6. LOL this is so funny, b/c it happens to me allllll the time

    AND I am so with you on the photos, I actually have only ONE labeled decent photo of myself b/c none exist for exactly the reasons you stated.