Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just another super day at the park

Things get pretty rough out here on the edge of the known world. Even playgrounds aren't exempt from trouble any more. Which is why I, for one, am grateful that Spiderman has decided to make our local park safe from evil-doers.

Take a look:

Ah, just the spot for assessing the scene!

Look out, Spiderman! He's on to you!

Notice how our web-slinging hero prepares to subdue the fleeing villian.

And behold as the subdued villian comes crawling to our victorious hero!

The best part was that all the other kids referred to the web-slinging kid as Spiderman. Not one kid broke scene to call out to Phillip or Leo.


  1. That just made my day.

    I remember a while back in Wal-mart (don't tell anyone), I was hanging with Adam at the Ronald McDonald Bench while dad went through the checkout.

    This kid in a Darth Vader mask wandered over and was playing in a sort of noncommittal way with Adam and the statue.

    Adam was shocked into silence by this.

    He didn't know what to say.
    He just stared.

    Darth stared back.....
    He broke the silence with: 'I am your faaaather.'
    In the deep Darth Vader voice!

    I fell of my chair laughing and Adam howled like Luke Skywalker himself 'NOOOOOOO.'

    It was very bizarre.

  2. my son Noah was just like this! still is. we call him our 'method actor.'
    isn't it such a fun thing?
    love him!

  3. I love this!! I can not wait for my little guy to play games like that!

  4. It's great to see Spidey in action! Glad you had your camera to share. It brings BIG smiles.

  5. That kid wins the cutest game ever award.

  6. Iieiiii WAAAHNA play!! Looks like a great mo' (moment), I love stuff like that

  7. Go Spidey, go!

    The hands on hips are super-hero. the kids a natural.

  8. I am laughing out loud!

  9. oh man. that's awesome!

  10. haha, spider man, amidst the play structures.

    Even superheroes need breaks.

  11. He even matches the equiptment! How cool is that? Now I've got that theme song in my head...