Monday, August 28, 2006

I think they prefer "differently feathered"

Me: What does the cow say?

Ada: Mmmm.

Me: Mooo, good! What does the dog say?

Ada: Fffff!

Me: Yes, woof! What does the cat say?

Ada: Mmmuao.

Me: Nice! What does the little bird say?

Ada: tee tee!

Me: Tweet, tweet! Great! What does the rooster say?

Ada: Ca ca!


  1. She is on the right track!

    My kids used to say "Cock Do" and I had to sit here and pretend I didn't think it was hilarious.

  2. either she's almost getting the cock-a-doodle-do or she is spot on for a crow and just a little confused.
    personally, i think you should foster the ca-ca thing for as long as you can. just to freak other people out once in awhile.

  3. So cute and what a smarty!

    My husband took it a step further and taught her a response for "What do you say?" This is where she would blow a raspberry. Oh the fun you can have with a toddler.