Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Papa has left the building

Monday was the worst day of my year. It was the day Chris went back to teaching full time. The summer was like a long semi-vacation, with Chris's greater work flexibility and lessened responsibilities allowing much more family time (and, yes, I admit - more baby-free moments for me). Today he returned to his regular schedule, which is hard for all of us. I love having him around and appreciate the benefits of his active parenting. Chris misses seeing lots of Ada. We originally instituted the bath and books routine as "Papa-Ada" time to ensure that Chris got some interaction-heavy time with the girl each day.

And Ada misses her dad. Only half a day into this routine Ada is emphatically expressing her desire to see Chris. After an unprecedented 2.5 hour morning nap, Ada woke happy and refreshed. We read books, we played with toys, and then we sat down to lunch. All through lunch Ada kept saying "Papa" in what can only be described as an attempt to make him materialize.

When Ada wants something, like berries or the remote, she simultaneously asks for it and nods knowingly. It looks like she's trying to work some Jedi magic on us: "You WILL give me the requested item." At lunch on Monday, Ada was doing this, repeatedly saying "Papa" and nodding vigorously. I told her, "Papa's not here," "Papa is at work," "Papa is teaching." Eventually I did find a temporary cure for Ada's repeated demand. I turned the camera on her. Once the video camera was pointed on Ada acted like she'd never heard of her papa.

Although it is hard to hear her asking for Chris when he is not around, I love that Ada loves her father and wants him around. I do too.

Weeeeee love Papa!


  1. Bub's version of the emphatic nod is to add "Okay!" to any request. "More cheerios - Okay!" or "Time for a walk - Okay!" It's surprising how often it works, that tactic.

  2. awww. bless y'all's hearts.

  3. Sorry it seems pretty lonely right now. Tell Ms. Ada that she can give B a call anytime. I hear that "crackering" someone in the head can really take your mind off things...

  4. We say "papa" in our household, too. So much cuter than "daddy"!

    I am also married to a teacher, so I can relate. It's always hard when the school year begins again. And yet I guess we're lucky to have these lazy comfy summers when there's so much more time for each other.

  5. That is so awesome.

    Babies who know and love their daddys? That's what the good life is all about.

  6. I'm sorry Nora and Ada! We are facing similar issues in our household, but we're all adults. Maybe you should come up for lunchy?