Friday, June 16, 2006

It's a beautiful day for a list

We are heading to the coast for a couple of (web-free) days. Hence, I am offering an early "Happy Father's Day" to the many Dads I know and love. If you see this Mike, a special HFD to you, new pop!

Some things to love about Chris (a woefully incomplete list):

  • I have witnessed him simultaneously cooking and talking on the phone, helping someone close to him work through relationship issues. Each one of these things impresses me. Oh the multi-tasking, be still my heart!
  • He came up with the idea for Ada's name.
  • He is patient when I am demanding, calm in the face of my cranky tired tantrums.
  • He made me a screen door for mother's day.
  • He's so beautiful, but refuses to admit it.
  • He uncomplainingly gets up with Ada when it is his turn, even if it is barely 5 am. I do my turns too, but I complain all the way.
  • Last week's slow cooked Cuban-style pork. I know I mentioned it already, but it was so good.
oh, and:

Time and time again over the past year he has shown himself to be a caring, loving, fun and attentive parent. Happy Father's Day, Chris.

(lest you think he's perfect, there was that shoe thing, and you'll notice the photo that documents that he likes to entertain Ada by letting her examine the contents of my purse.)


  1. that is sooo sweet!
    Happy early fathers day to your hubby!

  2. Yes, Chris is wonderful! With you and with Ada. I find I fall more in love with N every day now that I get to see him being a father (and being so patient with my cranky sleep-deprived self.) Enjoy your trip and hugs to you all.

  3. What sweet and lovely photos. I love the purse one. That is classic.

  4. Dude. You're honey is hot.

    (And Ada's pretty darn cute herself!)

  5. wonderful tribute. have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. my love is in the kitchen right now (12:41am) doing dishes, that is is amazing how they continue to amaze us over the years.

  6. That was lovely. And the photos, double lovely. Wish that I had something more original to say, but no. Just, lovely.

  7. Sweet. And the photos with the hats for some reason are extra doubly sweet. Especially the diamond one - she's just so cute!

  8. If he's uncomplaining what more need be said. You are a lucky lucky woman and that girl gotta special score there too.

    Happy Father's Day to da' man. He's tops!

  9. A man who cooks and has the emotional level to be able to help with relationship issues - Priceless! He's a keeper.

    I always love your photos.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful time away.

  10. Oh, I like your guy! He looks like someone I'd have been friends with (slept with) in college. Hope you all had a great dads day too.