Friday, June 09, 2006

A fool for June

I love June. The whole month is just such a wonderland. I love that feeling of potential, that the best, most fun, most bountiful months of the year are upon us. The start of summer, beautiful days that are warm but not too hot, the long long evenings, strawberries at the farmers market, knowing other berries are coming, plus tomatoes, peaches, plums...

Some more things to be happy about on a Friday in June:

  • During yesterday's hang-out-on-the-bed-after-dinner-but-before-bath time, Ada kept crawling back and forth between us to kiss Chris and me. She crawled over, grabbed my face and pushed her lips onto my cheek. Then she crawled over to Chris and did the same thing before returning to me.

  • It is likely just a fluke, but Ada took a 2.5 hour nap yesterday. She never does this. Of course it is a fluke (today we saw a one hour morning nap), but it was amazing!

  • Chris made the most amazing Cuban-style pork. It cooked at low heat for over 3 hours and was so soft and delicate. Sigh. Chris is good at a lot of things, not least of which is his pork-cooking ability.

  • My garden is in full swing at this point. My neighbors say nice things to me about it, which makes me simultaneously blush and feel proud of the work I've put into it.

  • My daughter thinks she's a pirate:


  1. I think e. was about a's size when she started her earnest Dragon impression. It's fun how unladylike little girls are sometimes, eh. Despite the investments aunties and grandmas make in all those tulle outfits!

  2. aye matey! i wish my garden was in full swing. i neglected it last summer and have totally ignored it so far this year.
    show us pictures, please!

  3. Hahaha. I love that picture.

    And the cuban pork sounds lovely. The next time I'm in Portland, I'll have to stop by.

    Sadly, I've never been to Portland. But, now I have a good reason to visit. That and everyone cool I know seems to live there.

  4. Your pirate daughter is funny.

  5. I was thinking she looked more like Robin Williams as Popeye.

  6. argh.

    that is one cute baby. matey.

  7. Ahoy there! She's too sweet to make me mop the deck.

    My flowers are better than ever. Last year our roses did not do well but this year they are amazing!

    I love berries not to mention long naps for babies!

  8. Yep, that's a pirate all right. Get her a parrot and an eye patch.

    (And, ooh, berries and Cuban pork. Makin' me hungry..!)

  9. Mmmm...Cuban pork is my fave. Tampa is very rich in Cuban heritage so it's common here but we call it "lechon"

  10. Arrrrgh! Shiver me timbers! Seems she's practising for Talk Like a Pirate Day (only 97 days left!).

    Seriously, she's super cute.