Monday, February 20, 2012

Bs Knees

Wow are the B titles I thought up corny. If you doubt me, consider that the one I chose was not actually the worst.

Some highlights of my two weeks on the B side:

B14 is for (Mr.) Bings #365 #alphabet
From a child-free weekend with Chris, during which we did not actually go to Mr. Bing's. I snapped this on the way from the most amazing sushi to delicious old-fangled drinks.

B7 is for GB #365 #alphabet
I love this little blue car. I wish it was mine. 
Then again, it is so small I could probably pick it up and make off with it!

B4 is for (classes) begin #365 #alphabet 
Chris wrote this on our kitchen calendar, I snapped it with my macro lens.

B9 is for bitterness #365 #alphabet 
My all time favorite fortune cookie fortune; the only one I have held on to.

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