Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Little Mama, Kitchen Edition

I think I may have mentioned before that when I was a kid my mother would sometimes say of herself, "I'm just a little mommy." It usually came up when she could not meet some demand as my sister and I wished (which is to say, immediately and perfectly). As an adult I understood that my mom was telling us that she was a real (and like everyone, imperfect) person and my sister and I should cut her some slack. 

I sometimes employ the "little mommy" moniker. Ada is too young to really understand what it means, but tonight we had the following conversation:

Ada: You are a little mama and Papa is a big papa.

Me: Oh yeah?

Ada: Yeah, that's because he is big and you are smaller than him. And you can't cook.

I'd argue with her, but then I might be expected to hold up my end of the cooking duties around here.

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