Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Sky At Morning

I started the month by shooting a crazy red fetish object (the feathers in the collage below) and was ready for an amazing month of red. I definitely enjoyed taking red photos, but my challenge this month was finding time to take the pictures. Work has been crazy busy and in my off time I am running around with the kids or keeping the house going or doing whatever people do in their off time. Still, it was a good month.

Red collage

This month I took a fair number of pictures of works of art. I had a good time in New York shooting close up shots of larger art works. (I know, I was in New York in August, I told you this was a tough month to find time for photography!)

This was the first month I started using my iPhone to take pictures. (I just got it in July.) As my point and shoot camera broke early this year, this is the first time in a while that I have had a portable camera to play with.  I am so in love with the magic that is hipstamatic, and I am really enjoying taking self-portraits with the photo booth app.

I also have to say that while it is not my best photo ever from a technical standpoint (or even in terms of composition) I really love the picture I took of my friend J above. She has such an expressive face and looking at this picture makes me want to reach in to the picture and give her a hug.  

The full July set is here. August is green!

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