Monday, August 16, 2010

Other New York Moments

Lest you think that New York was all navel gazing, I wanted to share a few things from my trip.

I went out for a late walk with Alejna, Debbie, Gwen, Neil and Sarah. We walked by the Plaza Hotel and talked about Eloise. Four of us had drinks at some random asshole bar and I was fascinated to hear what happens when one's parents are Esperantists. 

I saw a cool bird weather vane and a nice Henry Darger exhibit at the folk art museum.

I had dinner with an old friend whose friendship still makes me happy. I met his wife and child for the first time. I felt more comfortable with the wife than I'd expect for someone I'd just met. The child I wanted to eat with a spoon.

I put up with Neil telling me (three times) that he has never read my blog. (I'm all for honesty, but enough is enough, right?)

I wandered around Brooklyn with my favorite cousin and her guy. We shopped for new sunglasses but in the end held out for beer.

Pair #1: 80s glasses
Laura told me that these require bigger bangs.

RA in Yellow Spex
RA in Yellow Spex

Pair #2: Built for the Stage
 RA suggested that this look would be best worn with a cape, while performing with Funkadelic.

EA in White Spex
EA, not so sure about the big white frames. I actually quite liked them on her!

Pair #3: Inexplicably appealing to me
Is it really weird that I was tempted by these glasses? 
No really, if they had been cheaper I would have snapped them up!

I had such a great time with this cousin and her guy. It makes me sad that we live so far from them. (Note to self: win lottery and plan lots of trips to New York to see friends and family.)

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