Monday, June 07, 2010

Right Now

cribbed from under the ponderosas

Right now I am sitting on the couch, moving my foot around until it cracks.

Right now I am swatting at a mosquito that snuck into the house when the doors and windows were open to the warm weather earlier today.

Right now Chris is watching a basketball vlog and swatting the mosquito too.

Right now my children are asleep, no doubt figuring out how early they can wake me up without risking being left on the curb with the recycling.

Right now I am wondering where we hid the rest of that chocolate bar and whether we can break into the chocolate chips.

Right now I am trying to decide whether the game Plants vs. Zombies is the best thing ever or a horrible time suck. (Both, I think.)

Right now I am missing my sister, who must be in South Korea by now.

Right now I am considering asking Chris who is getting up with the babies, but I am afraid of the answer.

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