Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Blast from the Photo Past

A couple of months ago I started getting a semi-monthly email from Photojojo with photos I took a year ago. It combs through my flickr photos and randomly grabs year old pictures and sends them to me. I love this service (and it is free!)

Among the pictures I got last week is this:

Ian is in pink, Mira in stripes
Ian is in Pink, Mira in stripes
(There is nothing wrong with the color in this picture, they were just jaundiced.)

And this:
Worth Washing Their Hands For
Worth washing their hands for

It isn't perfect, which is to say Photojojo's time capsule doesn't read my mind and know that this and this are among my favorites.  But until psychic software is invented, I will remain a huge fan of this service.

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