Sunday, June 13, 2010

No wonder TV is so addictive, it's delicious!

Um, Mom

Ian: Um, Mom, did you notice Mira is licking the television?

Why are you so delicious?

Ian: Oh, it's so terrible I can't look. 

Tasty TV
Ian: Yeah, it still tastes gross, but maybe it is a pinata, and if we push it over we'll get prizes.

The photo is fuzzy because this is the point at which I decided to intervene, and Ian is making a break for it.

And yes, we own a television that is older than the ages of all my children combined, multiplied by 2. I bought it in 1993 after I finished college. This means it was me and all the 90 year olds complaining about having to get a converter in order to use the television after the digital switch went down. We'd get a new one, but that would just encourage us to watch television.

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