Monday, June 14, 2010

Cell Saga

Being a modern woman, you have all kinds of gadgets with all kinds of cords. And sometimes those cords get misplaced, moving them as you do from here to there and back again. So just say, in the wake of a fruitless house and office search for your phone charger, you decide that charging your phone in the car is not a long term solution. After doing some research you realize that now that there are iphones and blackberries and other smart phones in the world, you basically can not buy a good quality just-a-cell-phone phone. You pine a little for the nokia that was your first cell phone.

You are committed to getting a new phone, as your phone is literally falling apart (not to mention only chargeable in the car). Too bad your cellular company isn't offering any phones that aren't aimed at text-crazed teenagers or people afraid of technology. You think about it some more but aren't sure it is a financially good idea to leave your current plan, which is a very good deal of a family plan that you share with your "uses no more than 10 minutes a month and rarely even that" husband (I am not kidding, the man never uses his cell phone).

After looking at $450 smart phones, you realize that for what you want, an iphone is as good as the androids and others, and less spendy in terms of the phone purchase. Too bad the at&t reception is terrible at your house. But wait, your friend tells you about these little personal cell towers you can buy, for not too much money, which have done wonders for a neighbor's cell reception. So you reconsider the viability of an iphone.  (The friend also passes on rumors that your carrier will likely be the second company to offer legit iphone service, but he has no news regarding when exactly this might happen.)

But there is still the matter of your husband's phone. Will he limp along with his hated but almost never used phone and thus probably keep the same plan you've been on for several years? Will he get a pay-as-you-go-since-you-rarely-ever-go phone? And then it happens. Pulling the clothes out of the washing machine, you realize you've inadvertently washed his cell phone, rendering it, well, even more useless than it was when it sat uncharged and ignored in your husband's jacket pocket.

So I guess Chris needs a new phone. I need a new phone. Looks like we will be getting new phones.

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