Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lunchtime Questions

Why is there no right answer to a child's "I am still hungry, what else can I have?" that does not involve toast or sugar?

Why does mac and cheese get darker after sitting in the fridge?

Is looking into a full refrigerator and thinking there is nothing to eat genetic?

Is it better to laugh out loud and have to explain your reaction, or to stifle the laughter when your daughter says: "It's a hooker quesadilla. I'm chewing hooker!"?


  1. "I am still hungry" drives me crazy, but that's usually because some part of the meal has been refused and is languishing on the plate. That's when I want to pull up photos of starving African children eating gruel and offer her that instead of the perfectly nice grilled chicken chunks she won't eat.

  2. My boys don't even say it as a whole sentence. They just say "STILL HUNGRY."

    I put together a whole kids' section of snacks in our pantry and the boys are allowed to choose from there. I got inspired by Real Simple magazine. They had pantry snacks and fridge snacks.

  3. "What can I have?" over and over. Kid. The same thing you could have yesterday. And the one before that.

    But now we've got something new to add: hooker quesadilla. How do you make that one again?

  4. Apples or Orange or Banana.

    Of course, mine will only eat apples, and tends to jam so many in his mouth that he throws up.

    What about nuts?

  5. for the answers to these and other questions, tune in tomorrow.

    (is that dating me?)

  6. When my boys tell me they're still hungry, which happens approximately 10 times per day, I say, "Yogurt. Fruit. No more bread" and it usually works.

    And what is a hooker quesadilla? Please tell me! And I usually ended up laughing out loud.

  7. Is the word "hooker" what prompted the spammy comment about generic viagra? Ha! That's hysterical. But I'm with the others, please do share the recipe, especially if it's popular with the Pre-K crowd!

  8. Ada was calling it a hooker quesadilla because the triangular piece had bent into a hook shape.

    Alternatively, I was thinking that a hooker quesadilla is one with potatoes. As in: if you see two potatoes on the corner, how do you know which one is the prostitute?

    It is the one with the sign that reads: Idaho.

    (oooh, I crack myself up.)

  9. Hooker quesadilla! <----HA!