Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Last Minute Plea.

My stomach is in knots today as I wait for the outcome of the health reform vote in Congress.

My legislators are voting for it (after some wrangling about Medicare, but still). To my readers in the USA: if your legislator is on the fence, please call her or him. Congresspeople are working today and need to hear from you. A New York Times graphic from Friday will give you a sense of where your legislator stands on this issue. Check it out.

And please, take action. It is insane that this vote is so close.


  1. It's amazing to see how one persons' determination can influence so many lives, so naturally, it's no wonder that he's under incredible stress right now. If you're still looking for more reading though, I"d recommend looking here:

    Either way, fingers crossed.

  2. It IS insane, isn't it. Thanks for the post. A good wake up for all of us to take action to make sure this goes through.


  3. Doggone right it's insane. UGH.

  4. Really hoping something good happens for you guys! (says the Canadian)

  5. Hangin on you every word.

  6. And by this point, I can say "Congratulations, America, and welcome to the world of socialized medicine!"

    The British experience suggests that you'll never be short of something to complain about again. Especially if they try to take it away from you.

    More serious, I'm weirdly proud of the Democrats for actually following through with this. Daren't ask my Florida based mother what she thinks, though.