Thursday, March 04, 2010

I am not surprised they lost their appetites

Ada and Lila were eating dinner at our house. They started out pretending to be kittens. (Which by the way, yay! Kittens LOVE milk! These kittens drank several glasses.) After a bit they started talking about going to Disneyland with their children. 

Lila: I am going to have a baby. If you want kids you have to have babies, right?

Ada: But I don't want surgery.
(Why would she worry about this? Neither she, Lila or their siblings was born by c-section. Until today I wasn't even sure she knew that babies could be born this way.)

Lila: Everyone gets surgery at some point.
(See, this is what's wrong with the U.S. health care system.)

(some chatter about surgery and cutting and babies that went by too fast for me to understand, much less transcribe)

Lila: When your baby is inside of you it really really hurts. They don't want to cut too deep because it will cut your baby and it would be dead. It would cut your baby's head. And I don't think you can have a baby with no head.

(whisper whisper)

Ada: We aren't hungry any more.

Lila: Yeah. We don't want to finish our dinner.

** * ** * **

I love listening to them. Where else does dinner conversation range from Snow White to surgery?


  1. At play group today the kids were painting. When her work was done to her liking, Violet asked to describe it to me. She cheerfully pointed out the river and then went on to describe how it was running with blood from all the people that the ocean had killed. The ocean was mean, she said.

    Thankfully, the other mothers have well developed senses of humor.

  2. A baby with no head would be very sad indeed.

  3. headless babies - always an appetite killer.

  4. Is this the little girl that Ada gets in trouble with? If it is, HIDE the knives! Jk-ing!
    I adore imagination. Every now and again I will hear Nick playing by himself and I love listening to what his little mind comes up with.

  5. Love it! I hope you remind her of this very conversation when she is all growed up.

  6. What an interesting talk for dinner conversation. Where do you suppose ideas like these come from?