Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Gray in February (what the hell was I thinking?)

Color Year, Month Two (Gray)

Picnik collage

The random number generator offered up GRAY for the second month of my color-a-month, photo-a-day project. Gray, in February. Well, at least I knew I could get one day's shot by taking pictures of the Oregon sky. On the third or fourth day I was already wishing to be done with gray, silently thankful that February is a short month.

In January I was amazed by how many things are orange, and how interesting they are. This month I found that while a lot of things are gray, those things are pretty mundane: the sidewalk; concrete walls; sides of buildings... It took a little more pushing to find things I was interested in capturing. That is a good thing, as I was forced to think more about what was in the picture. So a picture of a bicycle rack (one of two racks I snapped this month) included Ada's scuffed pink shoes. The sky shares space with bare tree branches. 

Coming to the close of this month I have a better appreciation for gray as a subject, or more accurately, for using a gray focus as a way to expand my focus a bit. I am glad to be moving on (to brown, the color for March), but I must grudgingly admit that I liked gray a lot more than I thought I would.


  1. I am looking forward to more color, from you and mother nature.

  2. Oh, but there's green and pink and purple and yellow and black and white in all that grey.

  3. Well, if grey has to be a contender, better in February than in June, no?