Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Experiments (My New Toy)

For my birthday, Chris got me a diana lens for my digital SLR. This might seem like a weird idea, getting an incredibly low tech toy camera lens for a high tech digital camera. It might be, but it is so fun. It is freeing to slap on a lens that makes everything, um, impressionistic (to be polite). It lets me think about framing, color and mood, without being too obsessed with getting the focus detail just right. Plus, the diana only works in full manual mode, which pushes me to pay more attention to what I am doing as I take pictures, instead of leaving things at one aperture whether or not it is appropriate to the light and situation. 

early cherry blossoms (diana)
early cherry blossoms

the big bad woods (diana)
I took a bunch of pictures of Ada using a variety of settings, and even this one is clearly "too dark" I love the look - it reminds me of a fairy tale, with the heroine entering the deep, dark forest. I can't wait to show it to Ada.

reflected trees (diana)
Laurelhurst park pond

Experimenting with Diana lens

I also own a (film-using) Holga, which I love, but I am so in love with being able to review my pictures at the end of the day that the Holga gets a bit neglected. In fact, I have a roll of film taken with the Holga (mumble-mumble) months ago that is STILL waiting to get developed. I'll get right on that, I promise. In the mean time, I am having a great time playing with my low tech lens without losing my high tech ability to See It Now! Right Now!


  1. I love it! Very beautiful pictures.

  2. the second one is rather spooky and wonderful! i love it.

  3. Who doesn't love a new toy? I really want a 50mm lens for my camera.

  4. Those are cool! I love the flowers, and yes, the second is like a dark fairy tale.

  5. lovely, lovely stuff

  6. Stunning pictures!

    Found your blog through the BlogHer Ad network :)

    Looking forward to more!