Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I hate it when people blog about how they are having a hard time finding things to write about. Really, what is the point? You are uninspired, you are tired, you are busy. Why would anyone want to hear about that? And yet...

NO. I won't do it.

Instead, I offer: 

Mira, Crackered
Mira, with a rice cracker

Shocked the cracker right out of her mouth
...aaand, shocked the cracker right out of her mouth.

Did I mention that she's crawling and has a head cold?


  1. What a precious . . . hat! I want a hat like that . . .

  2. aww, i hope her cold clears up soon. that hat is gorgeous!

  3. Colds and babies go hand in hand. Get well soon Mira!

  4. My friend Stephanie made the hat. She made two actually - one she described as "green with multicolor" the other "multicolor with green". She is the queen of making I & M things that are similar but not identical.