Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I must remember

These moments are fleeting, will I even remember?

Working at home, I take a break to nurse Ian. Having spent most of the day with the nanny, he keeps interrupting his nursing to smile and coo at me. I feel so loved that I started to cry a little.

We play together for a while and I enjoyed his giggly, bouncy company. Eventually I take him downstairs and go back to work, but not before I try to take a mental picture of the moment, of what it was like to look down on my smiling baby boy and see pure love.*

*I am not usually prone to what would normally feel like hyperbole, but this is how it felt. 


  1. I could eat him whole. (Lovely photo)

  2. After my daughter weaned and the tedium of her needs had vanished to time, I wished I had taken a photograph of her smiling mouth running over with milk. I wish I had made a bigger deal of the last time she nursed as well. Those moments truly are fleeting.

  3. what a gorgeous little chap

  4. aaaawww so adorable! Their smiles are so pure and real and go deep into your soul, don't they? I know! And the time just flies.....