Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I have a twitter account. I don't use it much, because I don't have a desk job or an iPhone. (Okay, I HAVE a desk job, but I won't be at it for another month.)  But the other day I thought, "things must be getting better. I cleaned a toilet for the first time in 7 months." Then I thought, I would tweet that, if I wasn't cleaning the bathroom. Some of the other things that I would have tweeted recently if I had been near the computer when the thoughts occurred to me:

Who set the rule that at least one of the 5 of us must be crying at all times?

care.com is better than craigslist for finding a nanny. but is it $30 better?

Am I the only one who gets a name or phrase stuck in her head for a day, only to have it replaced by some other word the next?

Ian thinks it is hilarious when I mock his crabby cries. Good to know.

Who keeps googling "scroti rhode island" and finding me? What is that about?*

I told Chris we should keep the temp cooler in the evenings, but now I'm cold.

Whenever I read a post about some newly potty-trained kid my stomach does a sad flip-flop.

Keeping the leftover Halloween candy in the freezer is no impediment to me eating it all. 

Is it terrible that I want to hire someone because they said two kids were "as different as chalk and cheese"?

Ada and I have been talking about trees a lot lately. 

Writing this post is making me wonder "so why didn't I just post these to twitter?"

*I figured it out. Rhode Island School of Design's mascot


  1. I hope that Ian and Mira are easier to potty train then Ada has been! I know I got lucky with Lizzie but who knows what I have in store with Emily and Alex.

  2. My stomach does a flip flop when I read about kids who are 100% potty trained. Alex still has regular #2 accidents at school. Like 2-3 times a week. Our only hope is to re-train him during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Happy holidays to us!

    (I'm following you on twitter now.)

  3. scroti rhode island?


  4. I use my twitter account to post direct messages to my husband, because I cannot stand texting on my little flip phone...oh and I never leave the house, or have anything pithy to say to the masses about my day.

  5. I would want to hire the chalk & cheese person too!

  6. Social network overload is not something you want in your life. Don't sweat the small stuff(or at least not stuff in the 140 or less category)!
    I love leaves!

  7. I don't know who set the rule, but I blame Sarah Palin. Let's kick her ass.

    I've never used care.com but it's probably $100 better than craigslist. At least.

    Uh, you're probably not the only one, but that doesn't happen to me.

    I bet I'd think it was hilarious too.

    It was me. Sorry about that. I can't get enough of scroti, and I love to compare them to the smallest state in the nation.

    Turn up the heat without telling him.

    That newly potty-trained kid will come home from preschool with his pants in a ziploc bag three days from now. Trust me, he will, and his parent won't mention it.

    The only thing keeping me from your freezer is the fact that it's on the other side of the country. And I don't know where you live. Otherwise? DOOMED!

    Chalk and cheese are pretty different. Unless it's really good chalk and really bad cheese.

    Trees are good.

    See? If you had tweeted those, I wouldn't have been able to respond like that. (I would have responded starting with @norarachel, but still, this was more convenient.)

    Oh, and I postponed my Halloween post another day, so I could put up today's post JUST FOR YOU.

  8. Scroti rhode island. Have you figured that out yet? I'm getting anxious.

  9. Name or phrase stuck in your head? Yes. Mostly when doing a highly repetitive chore like weeding. Also, scenes from TV shows.

    Don't know about kids, but my pets have some long standing potty training issues of their own. You know how pissed I am at those cats when I find they have peed on the bills I left on the dining room table? Multiple animals with multiple issues, there are times where every time I go to clean up some sort of accident, I keep running into others, and I think I may never catch up with the rate they make messes, and they're ruining the house. Different, yes, but I can empathize with the frustration.

    Frozen candy is delicious.

    I would talk about trees a lot if anyone I know would listen. My coworkers think that my interest is foliage is hilarious. I don't really get the joke.