Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween is for Suckers (and Peanut Butter Cups)

Despite my concern that people would mistake her home-made ghost costume for a bride costume, no one asked her if she was getting married. (Maybe it was the blue felt letters spelling BOO! I sewed to her skirt.)

This way, to CANDY
Onward, to CANDY!

Predictably, by the end of the night Ada had shed her costume. She did it bit by bit, handing pieces to her grandmother and me as we walked the neighborhood in search of sugar. Yet another reason I am glad I didn't make her a traditional, one piece, over the head ghost costume. In any case, by the time we headed home she looked like this:

Ada, down to a bare minimum

Note the sugar-fueled twirling around every pole on the street. Whee! Impressively, there was no sugar-meltdown. Ada enjoyed the special treat of getting tucked in to be by her grandmother, and we heard not a peep of complaint as the sugar left her system. Even better, at about 7:30 I got a text from Ellen noting that things were well with my other favorite sugar fiend: "Monkey Boy has not vomited yet." So all around, a successful Halloween.

Oh, and Mira and Ian's first Halloween passed as I would have predicted: they enjoyed being carted around to the neighborhood pre-trek party, got cranky, drank some milk and went to sleep. Who could ask for more?
WIth Ian and Mira as skeletons
Heavy, for skeletons


  1. Mine shed costume bits all night too - first her tail, then her ears - by the time she got home, she was far from cat-like.

    Love the heavy skeletons!

  2. Sorry but the babies look more like lil'pumpkins then skeletons!
    What can I say about Ada but she's always gorgeous in any picture!
    Glad Monkey boy didn't puke!

  3. I love the skeleton costumes! We also did pretty well - little elf (nearly 2) came away with more sweets than any of the gang of children we went round with and dudelet (nearly 6 now!) also behaved immaculately. Though we think his sugar meltdown actually happened today...

  4. OK, you're ALL cute!

    We also had quite a bit of costume stripteasing.

  5. Cute, all three of them! I love those skeleton costumes.