Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two Birds

Chris and I recently decided that each week we would try to do something with one of us and Ada. Just Ada. Not "a baby and Ada" and not "take Ada on an errand." (Okay, so we still take her on errands, but an errand doesn't count as the "fun thing" of the week.)

Two weeks ago I took Ada to the Children's Museum. Last week she and Chris went to the waffle window. And for the past two weeks, I have picked up Ada from school and biked her over to a local photo booth.

Two Birds, 9/30/09

Taking Ada to the photo booth kills two birds with one stone; it is a special activity that only she and I get to do, and it allows me to indulge regularly in something I love. Even better, we've been biking on these little jaunts. Ada loves to be carted around in the trailer, and it is yet another thing she can do that the babies can not.

I am going to keep doing this with her as long as she wants to keep going with me.


  1. LOVE the photobooth pictures. The last time I went to a photobooth, many many years ago, the thing never gave us our pictures. We waited and waited and nothing. They probably spat out as soon as we gave up and someone's been holding on to our funny faces all these years.

  2. I love these and love the idea. What a wonderful way to capture a special moment in time!

    Question about bike, though. How? Seat? Trailer bike? Her on her own? Trying to figure out how to get Agent M out with me on bike.

  3. Awesome. AWESOME. That looks like so much fun.

    (Have you seen my keys?)

  4. C - so that's YOUR face I have had all these years!

    CG - we have a trailer, which Ada loves. She also enjoys the bucket bike experience (a friend has a She sat on but has not yet ridden on a trailing bike, but I think that would be great. I may look for one on craig'slist.

    Stephanie - sadly, no.

  5. I wish I could find an old school photo booth like this. We only have those awful color digital things.

    Those photos are such a nice memory for Ada.

  6. Those are wonderful. Fun.

  7. I love those photos. I hope I can find a photo booth like that sometime with my oldest.

  8. Nora, those pics are great. And what a treat to have a special event with Ada and even better that you have documentation that it happened (to use in the future as proof that you did things together!) Where is the photo booth?

  9. Hi Sylla! The one we have been visiting is on Hawthorne at 33rd (in a vintage mall). There is also one at the Ace Hotel at SW 10th/Stark.

  10. I love these kinds of shots, and it's been a while since I've done it, so a trip to the mall might be in order.