Monday, October 12, 2009

An alternative to crabs

I was going to post a crabby post borne out of an annoying but completely ordinary day. Instead I am cutting you a break, and offering this instead:

Rachel sent us a tiger costume (along with a ton of other clothes). I immediately put the costume on Ada's Mira's head and took a picture.

Tiger outfit on Mira
She doesn't look entirely thrilled, but otherwise all is well.

I got up to grab something in the other room and when I returned 20 seconds later:

Don't call the cops, she was only like this for a moment.  
She hadn't even started to complain yet.


  1. Dudelet has one of those! He's almost grown out of it now but still puts it on now and then. Little elf is currently spending a lot of her time in a kind of dalmatian puppy outfit.

  2. Hate to break it to you Nora....that's not Ada!

  3. That baby is being eaten by a tiger! Reminds me of a limerick...

  4. I love that her hands remain in the compliant position. How did you teach her that?