Monday, August 24, 2009

Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches*

Along with "twirly" dresses and tiaras, Ada is currently really into wands. She has a wand with a pink star at the end, but at some point decided that she needed more wands. In a burst of crafty enthusiasm that is rare in these life-with-twins days, I immediately hopped up and got a project going. Using a few items readily available around our house, we made a whole wizarding academy full of wands. This project was so easy that it does not really need a tutorial, but since the baby on my lap is sleeping, I am providing one anyway:


STEP 1: Get some cardboard (the thinner type works best). Cut out a shape - we made star, moon, diamond, duck and octopus shapes. (Don't ask why she wanted an octopus. She's 4, that's why.) Cut out a matching shape so that the brown sides match up.
Step 1 - cut out shapes

STEP 2: Color the cut-out shape (preferrably on the brown side of your cardboard, but if your preschooler disagrees, so be it).
Step 2 - color

STEP 3: Get a stick, dowel or skewer. Glue it to the cut out. You can see that Ada decided that the brown side should be on the inside. Be sure to put the glue on the side you want on the inside.
Step 3 - glue stick

STEP 4: Glue the other cut-out on the other side of the stick so that they match up. Let the wand dry (and keep your preschooler from grabbing the wands while the glue is drying).
Step 4 - let dry

STEP 5: Tie a ribbon on the stick, up close to the top of the wand. We used the shiny ribbons normally used for wrapping presents.
Step 5 - add ribbon

two wands
The handmade star wand, and its purchased cousin/inspiration.

STEP 6: There is no step 6, other than to take your wand out for a spin. If you turn your little sister and brother into pumpkins, be sure to turn them back before your parents notice.
a wand in action

*If this title doesn't ring a bell, click here.


  1. I totally know where your post title came from! Love him!!!

  2. I totally love where Ada's skirt came from!

  3. Nothing half-assed about that tutorial. Very thorough. My daughter wants to try making one now . . .

    Sesame Street rocks!

  4. I don't even have the twins excuse, and this wand project tired me out. I'm impressed, N.

  5. Agent M makes alot of wands. She says the homemade ones work better than the store bought kind.

    All I know is it keeps her busy.

    These are great!

  6. We are making good use of this. Can you change tag to heckavalot crafty, please?