Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thankfully there is a hat in the picture

Week 3 of Pregnant with Hats (30 Weeks Gestation)

This week, I am sporting a disappointing haircut, but not an afro. You can't see the actual haircut due to the hat (thank goodness for small favors) but thanks to my tendency to take these pictures at night with a flash, the hat kind of looks like an extension of my hair.  The color is not totally off between the two.

After starting to shoot, I realized that pictures taken on a day that I have not showered and am wearing no make up might not look that great to me. And don't tell me that I look nice, it will just depress me that you think I look the same whether or not I am having what I consider to be a good face day.

Week 30 - take 3
Note to self: try not to take pictures wearing a shirt that makes you choose 
between revealing your bra and your belly.

As the hat is a little hard to distinguish from my hair in the above picture, here is a picture of the hat itself. There is no tag in the hat, so I know neither what kind of fur it is nor who made it. I know nothing about fur, so I can't offer any information on that score from the (lovely, soft) feel of the hat.

What the hat looks like
It looks a bit like a jockey's cap, if jockey caps were covered in soft, dark brown fur. 
Next week will feature a return to floral hats. 


  1. The hats theme cracks me up. I used to think I'd try to take all my belly pictures from the ground looking up (so you know, my head would shrink over time as my belly took up more of the picture) but alas, I never got off my butt to do it. But the hats, though. that's awesome.

  2. i thought your haircut looked good. i meant to say so this weekend!