Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hats (minus the good title idea)

Again this week I set up the camera early, this time because (after a good yoga class on Sunday) my back is killing me. I basically can't get up from the couch unassisted, and knew that if I waited to long to get things set up, there would be no photos this week.  It worked out well; Ada really got into trying on different hats. Earlier in the day I pulled out a box of hats that I packed up in Rhode Island and have not looked at since. Most of the hats were ones I wore in college or just after, but a couple are vintage numbers that have been neglected for too long. I chose one of the vintage hats, and Ada started with a hat of her own before raiding a bunch of the other "new" hats.

Week 33 - take 1
This picture should put to rest any confusion about why the most common question strangers are asking me these days is "when are you due?"

When Ada insisted that Chris join us, he tried on a few hats (including this one that his mother knit and then felted for me years ago).
Week 33 - take 3

I have no information to offer about this hat, as it has no tags and I can't run my usual lazy-woman's internet search. I have a suspicion that this one (and maybe on other in my box) came from Ann (the friend who gave me this hat).
Silk and Velvet Hat
Tag-less hat

In order to best show my belly, I tend to stand sideways in these photos. I realized part way through taking this week's pictures that as far as the hat's best side, I needed to turn around. This silk and velvet (or at least velvety) hat has a great little ribbon that sits off to the right side of my face. So here is an attempt to show the ribbon while not completely turning my back on Ada.
Week 33 - take 7
Ada wanted Baby in the picture; I insisted she join us in hat-modeling.


  1. I really do have to send you some hats. Especially seeing as I recognize Ada's dress!

  2. I know you may not want to hear this, but you do look really, really beautiful and happy.

    (Why am I crying at your post?)

  3. that last hat was simply gorgeous. I love hats. I actually look good in them. Glasses on the other han? Oy

  4. Beautiful hat, but completely out-shone by your beautiful daughter.

  5. Your belly is strangely more impressive from the front. How did Octomom do it?